My twists made it a few days short of a month THEN turned out a SWEET twistout!! loved it..

5/9-10/11 thru 6/3/11

Me thinks I want to finger coil fluffalufagus…

Me thinks I will….

Here goes nuffin…

1st mini twist situation :-)… theeee longest process EVER!!! AAAHHH!! But after about 7.5 hours i was VICTORIOUS!!

Fluffa BETTER hold tight to these twists for @ least 3weeks..but our goal is 1month!! we shall see….

updo situation…hot fluffa hot!! 4/29/11

After Russian Graduation 4/23/11

Memorial of Jesus Christ Death 2011

you bow crraazzy!! hehe

Randoms from March & April…ur

Mama braided fluffa up for surgery back in March…


Fluffa flat..conditioned back…FRO FAT!!!